Care & storage


  • Silk Dupion Christening Gowns, Dresses, Rompers, Suits, Capes, Boleros, Booties & Accessories are all "Dry Clean Only".
  • Duchess Satin christening and formal wear garments and accessories can be "hand washed " in "cold water only" DO NOT PUT IN WASHING MACHINE.  When drying hand washed garments, roll garment in an absorbent white towel to remove the excess water. DO NOT SPIN OR WRING, (Place garment in shade to dry, DO NOT LEAVE GARMENTS TO DRY IN THE SUN as this may discolour the garment.
  • Wool Cashmere Coats are "Dry Clean Only"
  • Other fabrics can be" hand washed" AVOID MACHINE WASHING, DO NOT SPIN OR WRING. Please follow the care instructions included with your purchase.


  • All garments that are hand washed should be thoroughly rinsed ensuring soap residue has been totally removed. Try to avoid using STARCH & FABRIC SOFTENER
  • Put  your iron on the correct setting eg: silk, cotton etc.
  • Always iron garment on the reverse side and place a clean cloth over the garment for extra protection of the fabric
  • Put a clean cloth over trimmings and laces when ironing to prevent damages by the hot iron
  • Avoid ironing directly on pearls and swarovski crystals, as this will cause damage
  • Make sure the garment you are storing is thoroughly clean, or garment will be damaged after long term storage



  • Garment should be wrapped in acid free tissue paper, wrap garment with acid free tissue paper between the folds for maximum protection of the garment.
  • Store wrapped garment in an acid free box, this will stop chemicals coming in contact with the garment, which may cause damage  to the fabric.
  • You should air the garment annually to prevent mold forming which could cause damage .